Sunday, 4 March 2012

Noble defends Hadrian's villa from Rome's rubbish | World news | The Guardian

Noble defends Hadrian's villa from Rome's rubbish World news The Guardian


There really is no city like it.If you have just one day or one month in Rome you'll never be able to explore all of its treasures!

lunch!cones of artichoke fritters

fritters of every kind and beer-perfect

outside the Pantheon with Guides

Che Bello!

For me The Pantheon is up there in the top 5 sights to see.I'd not relised that the painter Raphael has his tomb there and its easy to miss with the crowds pressing in.

What I love about th Pantheon is that it makes it possible to understand what the buildings on the forum must have looked like before their marble was 'looted' by the various Popes to enhance the Vatican!The colours of the different marbles mut have presented a truly amazing sight when you entered a building.

If you are inside the Pantheon when snow is falling through the circular opening the effect is said to be very moving .we missed snow by 10 days and it was clear and sunny when we visted.


Dont get lost in Tivoli when you go to Harian's Villa.Once you come off the autostrada you drive along a grotty drag with supermarkets, garages and shops and hundres of advertising boards.You'll need to keep your eyes open if you dont want to miss the smaller brown and white sighs for Hadrian's Villa.Look out for a right turn down a busy and narrow pot-holed road.As usual you'll find mad Italian drivers turning without indicating and overtaking!Just keep on until another T junction and a right then you'll be there.Fortunately the villa is just outside of Tivoli which is a real dump.

Talking of dumps Rome City Council has had an incredible idea to open a giant landfill in a quarry just beside the villa complex! The smell in July and August should be unbearable.Join the campaign to oppose this dump. Actor and prince Urbano Barberini leads fight against emergency dump as capital fails to recycle 80% of its waste

Recycle or dump at Hadrian's Villa?? Rome City Council Must decide only recycling 20% is a national disgrace


Fantastic Rome break - we've been almost everywhere and even after my third trip I found places in The Forum that I'd not seen before ,like The House of the Vestal Virgins.

My musr see in Rome is in The National Museum near Termini Station( closed on a Monday)-this room of fresco wall paintings taken from Livia's Villa and depicting scenes of a wonderful garden with birds and plants.