Thursday, 11 April 2013

Passo Lanciano -2 places to visit.

I'm going to Abruzzo soon! Yippee after the 'Spring' we have had ( or are yet to have) I can't wait.Should be plenty of Golden Oriels and Nightingales at this time.

One of the trips I want to make when my mum joins me is to go by car from Lettomanoppello to Pretoro over Passo Lanciano which is a ski resort in winter but is a lovely place to start several walks from in the summer.

The 'hermitages' of Santo Spirito and Santo Bartolomeo can both be reached from this area.These are places founded by Pope Celestino V - he was known for his frugal lifestyle living on the mountains of Abruzzo before leaving for Rome and being made Pope.

Pietro di Morrone


Leaving Roccamorice on the road to La Mailletta there is a track to Santo Bartolemeo -the walk takes about 1 hour there and back.

Santo Spirito is reached after about 4 kilometres along a small lane.Getting ther involves using steps cut into the rocks-not recommended if you have a fear of heights!