Our plans are to extend the terrace to 4ms in front of the house so that we can put a table and chairs out to be in the early morning sunshine and shade in the afternoon.Our builder will make a breeze block wall to retain the soil then in front of this we'll build a drystone wall using the building stones around the garden.

The area of floor by the window seemed to have lifted and formed a ridge.I think this happened during 2009 when we had some earthquakes. Andrew lifted all the old bricks which were laid on a yellow clay - local of course.He relaid them again so that they were flat.

The picture on the right is our 'bathroom' almost completed with its tiling although lacking any form of water heating any showers will be cold ones! If I added a figure it could almost be a dutch still life!!

My sister's husband bought me a bag of goats hair from Morocco.I've tried to keep it from 'clumping' with little success.There is a real art to adding the hair to the wet mortar when you are mixing by hand! I know I'm supposed to be using special washed hair but somehow I don't think the people who built this house bothered with that! I'm sure that they just chucked it all in.

A new tax has come in.This replaces the old ICI tax which residents did not pay! Not sure how that worked.Anyway there is a deadline of 16th June to pay the first installment so I've emailed the Comune to ask for their help and they sent back the F24 forms all completed!Wow!I'm so pleased that I have such a good comune.

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