Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Buying secondhand

Not everyone wants to furnish straight from IKEA but where can you buy good 2nd hand stuff in Abruzzo? I've tried many places and find generally prices are ridiculous - try the MERCANTINO stores that are opening up all over Italy. They have one behind Obi in Pescara. You can also sell your stuff here and they take 50%.It's a bit of a queue to get signed up so when you do it bring some things you want to sell or you will only have to queue again when you next come in.
Reclamation costs are similar to the UK and old floor tiles cost between 1.5 and 2 euros each. Its best to avoid those with cement as it takes for ever to remove!
There is a yard in Silvi Marina where you can find roof and floo tiles BUT beware do not leave these outside your house while you are away or they will be stolen! Take them inside or at least cover them up well.
I like this Scandinavian style of white and vintage furniture

Mercantino -2nd hand stuff to buy and sell

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