Some things left to do!
Sort out the hall and stairs
Take off ugly wood supports from 2 shutters and paint another colour
Get a floor down in hallway and buy stone step -which is unbelievably only costing 50 euros! Certainly a lot less in Abruzzo than in the UK. Stone is everywhere in Abruzzo but it still seems amazing to me that cut stone can be so reasonable. 

where the hot water cylinder will be

Brutto! an idea from our 'carpenter' to solve the problem of warping shutters.

Limewash -watered lime putty with Yellow Ochre pigment added.
Lettomanoppello have a new water dispenser! For 10p a litre you can get fresh spring water, fizzy or flat! Will it still be working in 2014?
Bella! Newly plasterd walls by Leo our plasterer who despite reservations managed to use the bagged plaster on our kitchen walls
Brutto -Italian Patchwork , a look much loved by Italian builders but NEVER right so please don't do take your eyes off them even for a second .

'For our tomorrows they gave their todays' - now peaceful valley outside Orsogna but in 1943 my lovely Great Uncle, Mr Frank Nethercoat was here with the Essex Regiment fighting  the Nazis and he was younger than my daughters .
 How he coped I'll never know. He died in 2012 and is much missed

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