Monday, 7 December 2009

Work in Progress

A kitchen - sort of !

Well it looks a mess and it is . Difficult to remain positive when rather than make progress we seem to go backwards! But its slowly getting done and we do get some help.My partner's brother came and worked for a few days and we managed to do some useful stuff.

French drain to take damp away from wall

How not to make a hole for cable through a lovely stone !

Cleaning old floor bricks is a very satisfying job. After you rub off years of dirt and plaster there's a beautiful red or pink terracotta brick - ready to go back in the house again!

On a more serious note Abruzzo has recently granted licences for oil companies to begin drilling .The oil in Abruzzo is of a poor quality and it will need desulphurising to be of any use - meaning that as well as the drilling there will also need to be desulfurising plants built

Contacts on line for the campaign against oil drilling in Abruzzo:

YouTube postings and blog by Prof Maria Rita D'Orsogna ( of LA University, USA):

There is now two Facebook groups:

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