Sunday, 16 October 2011

What I miss now I'm back in Cornwall

What I'm missing most now I'm back in Cornwall

Bread -there's nothing as good as the bread we buy in Italy
Amadaeus Pizzeria where we can have a huge pizza with fresh porcini mushrooms a bottle of superb Montepulcino wine and tiramasu with coffee for 30 euros!I could never bring myself to eat a Pizza Express pizza againg.
Sunshine - it's still summer there
9 olive trees - which are pretty old and gnarled but I can tie up my hammock and relax
Sunday market in Lettomanopplello

Billy and Shelia but not the 2 annoying puppies who stole my flipflops
Veg that has flavour - not what we get in the UK
Coffee that costs 1 euro and tastes wonderful

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