Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Solstice Day!

According to a google search 'Saturnalia' is celebrated on 17th December but its today that us pagans look forward to the slow return of the sun and long spring evenings.

During Saturnalia,which I believe went on for more than a day knowing the Italians,red and gold decorations along with food were hung in trees to please the gods and servants were waited on by their masters.The tree hangings remind me a bit of our wassailiing tradition of soaking toast or bread in cider and hanging in a tree.

This Saturday(16th December) the Wassail took place at Cotehele and apparently 100's of people turned up to watch.

A bit different from when I started it with Rob and Rosie Fierek in 1997 and only us and our children came along!We took it in turns with Lewis and Grace Eynon to host a special Wassail tea each year cooking apple cakes and scones and serving cider.Harry Juniper, a lovely man who ran Bideford Pottery made us a beautiful Wassail Jug and I'm really pleased that it's stil being used for the Cotehele Wassail.Even if the spirit of the Cotehel Wassail has changed some things remain the same

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