Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Paper wrapped artichoke fritters on Via Corsa Rome 3.50 euros

Not only fritters but also cones of handmade crisps!And sorry to say chicken nuggets (but they probably invented them here)

Who would be mad enough to attemp to make these fritters in a house with no kitchen? Me of course -they were on the menu when our friends came to visit us from Lazio.The weather had got so cold we ate them inside with our coats on.

You need the tiny purple artichokes that are sold for about 2 euros a kilo in Abruzzo!Waitrose are selling 1 head for £1.99 today!!!!!!Lucky for me I grow these in my garden in Cornwall.
You slice these raw and dip into batter then deep fry for about 5 mins.Wonderful

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