Friday, 4 July 2014

Making paint

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd gone totally mad but this is a pan of Wheat flour paste a binding agent for clay paint as well as the basis for my Adhesion Coat applied to the chalky gesso walls shown in the picture below.
The brilliant thing about Clay Paint is that you can make it up then dry it in metal pans to be stored and reconstituted when needed. The thing to avoid is to leave it to dry in pans over 1cm deep or the flour paste may start to ferment before the paint is totally dry. The sour smell will spoil the paint.
To make Clay Paint you need to mix dry clay with wheat flour paste and pigments. OR you can use wet clay which should be screened to remove stones. This clay can be dug up locally.

Recipe -use a mortar whisk to mix

 1 part clay (this is  dry clay) if you use wet clay you will not need more water
10 parts wheat flour paste
and if wanted 1 part fine sand -I leave out the sand to make it smoother.
If you are using pigments mix up with water before adding to the paint.

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