Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Roman Remains? The Big Dig

We broke up an apron of cement that had been laid down up to the wall of the kitchen as we wanted to allow the base of the wall to dry and under the cement we found an area of foundation that looked as though it was put down for the stone steps that would have led up to the main door of the church. clearing out soil around the foundations I dug up 5 separate pieces of a cement like rock which resembles the cement romans made from lime, quartz and sand.
As can be seen from the first picture there are also small bits of terracotta in the 'cement '
Whether this means that our house is build on a Roman site or just that some roman building materials were around locally when the original church was built ?
2 more pieces of cement material and a terracotta floor tile with some paint/plaster on surface.

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