Saturday, 4 July 2015

Limewashing Woes

We like limewash because its cheap, natural and doesn't cause dangerous fumes.We make it on site from well matured lime putty adding water to putty in a 1.5 to 2 part ratio.

Colouring limewash is very tricky.I use a mix of powdered pigment with some dye compatible with lime.Natural pigments are more attractive to me but in order to mix a stronger colour the cost is much higher.

This is someone limewashing a wall on a SPAB work day in an old church -thank goodness my walls are not that high!

There are many methods of painting a room.Some people like to put on 3 coats of white lime then colour a final coat which is thinner.For darker shades it is better to start with a neutral wash as I have here using a mix of ochre,brown and black.

Limewash changes according to the light 

The next coat is a pinker shade which is a little too dark so in the last 2 coats I will add more lime putty and water and some more yellow ochre.

limewash always looks darker when first applied! To the right of the ladder is a dried coat of the same mix as that on the left of the ladder!


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