Wednesday, 13 April 2011

upcycling on a grey day

This week I finished off some fabric and felt brooches that I'll put in my folksy shop.Anyone else tried Folksy? I don't know how successful they find it but I havent found it that great -still I'm going to persavere.

Today its grey and cold.What a shock after 6 weeks of almost continual sunshine.Grey weather is depressing but perhaps less so in the Spring.Last night I woke up about 4am and trying to get back to sleep I thought of things that make me feel more positive on a grey day.

My list:

the first swallow
seeds germinating in the greenhouse
a blackcap singing
new lime green beech leaves
orange-tip butterflies
my dogs face when she gets a biscuit

anyway these things work for me!

I'm trying to get together some ideas for an upcycling workshop with someone I know who makes clothes.It's really exciting thinking about making jewellery from my junk and charity shop finds.When I've finished a batch of restringing today I'm going to start experimenting! Pictures soon!

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