Friday, 29 April 2011

Now for some abruzzo images!

Cachi Trees in October with the fruits getting ripe -they'll be ready in December

The olives needed lots of pruning and really some need a chainsaw to take off most of the branches.It does mean quite a few years without fruit but once they make new branches the crop is much heavier.

This gnarled olive tree must be 100's of years old and it's home to a variety of insects and reptiles including snakes! I did once hear about someone who was bitten in the neck by a snake in an olive trees so I usually keep a look out whenever I'm walking or sitting underneath one. So far the most serious 'attack' I've been subject to was when a lizard leapt off a tree onto my head!It did give me a shock but I think the lizard was the more surprised.They can get very aggressive early in the summer and guard their territories ferociously.

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