Monday, 16 May 2011

Hellish Customer

Its been really stressful this weekend as I've had the customer from Hell right in the middle of sorting out the house and loading the van up for Italy!

I do lots of restringing work for people including a customer who regularly sends £800 necklaces for me to string and although there can be problems with things I've always been able to sort it out with the customer.I also offer the service of restringing the piece for free if it breaks in 6 months or half price after that!Thats more than any high street chain will do.

This customer got her necklace back but the Royal Mail had managed to chip a bead - at least that's the report but I've not had anything like this happen with a wrapped necklace inside a padded envelope - and a photo shows not damage to the out casing!So the whole thing looks a bit fishy.

She chose a cheaper postal service rather than one that offers compensation so I've now had the amount I charged her 'taken' from my Paypal account even though I offered to have the necklace back and restring it replacing the bead that was broken.seems theres not much I can do.

Sometimes working on your own can be really hard work -its so much easier when you are in an office and can share frustrations with your colleagues.

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