Saturday, 12 November 2011

On Vegetarian Food

My local Transition group held a film and discussion evening recently;should we stop eating meat to save the planet? As a result some of the group are trying to go veggie,at least for most of the week.20 years ago we knew a young couple from Scotland who had watched The Animal Film.They were so upset that they decided to go veggie,but they knew absolutely nothing about cooking so they ended up eating tinned tomaroes poured onto pasta.Not a terribly inspiring dish to have 7 times a week.

Some members of our group are also finding things tough now they need to replace their chops and stews with a meat free alternative.

I've put some of my tips on the SEA blog;most importantly about the importance of good flavouring.I've just dressed a salad with some delicious vinegar that I made earlier this summer by leaving blackcurrents in a jar of white wine vinegar.I added a spoon of sugar.On my allotment as well as fruit and veg I grow tasty herbs like sage,rocket and flat leaved parsley.We have a couple of bay trees to as I find that bay leaves are an essential ingredient in winter stews and roasts.

Sometimes I need spices I cant grow at home like nutmeg,cinnamon and lime juice.

Whatever you cook remememer the herbs and spices and it will taste wonderful!

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