Friday, 11 November 2011


My uncle Frank died a few weeks ago.He was 92.

When we first talked to him about Abruzo we were amazed to find that he'd been posted the in WW2.

The place he stayed at no longer exsists -I'm not sure why?It was called Salarola in the 1940's but I think it was completly destroyed by German bombing after they left.

3 of Frank's friends from Essex died there.They were trapped in a small cave when the Germans threw a shell in.Frank could not go in and retrieve their bodies as there were German snipers everywhere.

I took some pictures of the 'Salarola Valley' in 2009.I like to imagine the farmers that sheltered Frank all survived and that the old house here perhaps also survived.

Sad abandoned house


  1. Hallo Rebecca. I love your works! Excuse me if my english is not very well...I move to Abruzzo from Veneto (Bassano del Grappa) in 2007 because the wonderful landscapes.... My hausband and I have riarranged an old house on a hill near Casalbordino. If you want you can see my blog and the website of our B&B "Casale del gigante".

  2. hello! i'm born in abruzzo! near those houses!
    My House is only a few metres from there!
    you need news of World War II? My uncle knows all the stories of what happened there ...