Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things - Noel McCarthy

Some very interesting accounts of living in Abruzzo from a variety of people.One thing that they all seem to agree on is the total lack of 'joined up thinking' when it comes to tourism and the promotion of in Abruzzo.A Few of My Favourite Abruzzo Things - Noel McCarthy

Often when I'm in the village buying bread or going to the Post Office I see people wandering about looking totally lost! Apart from the churches and famous Sanctuary of Volta Santo theres nothing else to explain the villages' history.

Local 'picnic sites' are left absolutely filthy after a bank holiday weekend with some very nice folks using the place as a toilet.I personally would run a mile rather than picnic at one of these places.On the other hand I now know of some beautiful sites and walks where you could easily spend many hours exploring and picnicing in peace.These places are not advertised or promoted to tourists at all.Mostly it's just by luck that the more adventerous vistors find them.

In order to help the busineess in Abruzzo the tourist board there really needs a massive shake-up!

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