Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Low Point

There have been many highs and lows since we first bought the house but this year it looks as if things are going to be particularly difficult.

I have to put everything into context and to remind myself that I'm never at my best this time of the year.I hate cold weather.So perhaps my pessimism comes from the temperature outside(0 degs.)

The 2 trips out to Italy each on lasting a month are getting more and more costly and with the need to earning money here in the UK its not all that practical.We decided after Christmas to use a big chunk of our ever dwindling savings on trying to get the house finished this year.

Part of the budget included a very efficient and 'green' heating system, running on wood but with the option to add some solar thermal panels later.Before installing this system we'd need some preparation work in the hallway and kitchen.Once you need to co-ordinate tradespeople it all goes a bit pear-shaped in Italy due to the fact that no plumber,electrician or builder is capable of showing up at the date and time they'd agreed with you!

DIY skills are in great demand! I must have cleaned 100's of these bricks.

We got around this last year by asking a plasterer from Devon, Pete Mold, to come and stay for 10 days-with me collecting him from his accomodation each day we weren't going to have any problems! It worked out really well and we learnt a great deal about lime and earth plastering from Pete.

Things this year are a bit more complicated so its possible unless we finish the whole plastering job ourselves (another 5 years) that we'll need to find someone in Italy who can do it.

more soon

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