Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Festa in Lettomanoppello

At the beginning of October there's a 4 day Festa in Lettomanoppello.We are not huge Festa fans but the weather was good and it felt wonderful to be out in the town in the evening still wearing our summer clothes and enjoying the 'end of summer' atmosphere.We tried the Pesce Fritta which at  6 euros seemed a bit pricey  but it was a great big pile of different types of fish and shellfish all deep fried and crisp.

At Mario's Bar we had our favourite drink of Campari Proseco and Ice!Mario is a great fan of London and has a corner dedicated to London and his favourite bands.

For Pete there were interupted nights as his little apartment was situated in the main Piazza just by the stage!Some bands were better than others!

These are 'Homosapiens'

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