Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Recent Trip to Abruzzo

Finally we are home after our trip out to Abruzzo - on the way back our newly bought Citroen Berlingo broke down and we had an enforced 3 day stay in Luneville France! The weather was a good 15 degs below what we'd experirenced out in Abruzzo so we shivered in our summer clothes.The car did smell rather ripe by the time we got here as I'd stocked up on local Pecorino cheeses in Lettomanoppello as well as some very strong French goat's cheese.

Pescara Beach in October!

Anyway this time we had Pete working for us again getting the final coats of lime plaster onto the upstairs bedroom and a unified coat onto the kitchen which is still not in working order and wont be for some time yet.At least it looks as if we'll leave the floor down now as it seems less of a problem than we'd thought at first.

Wall prep takes ages if you want to ensure a good dust free surface

We sieved loads of local sand to get a finer top coat and Pete also added sieved marble and stone dust to the mix.We didnt have anywhere near enough lime putty made up and I think wemust have used about 5 wheelbarrow loads as well as what was in the buckets.

Time off - we do let our workers have the occassional day off


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