Saturday, 17 January 2015

Knights Templar

What was the relationship between the knights Templar and Pietro da Morrone ?  Did they act to protect him during his mountain rambles in a time where he would have been vulnerable both to attacks by wild animals and local brigands?

During this time there were roads across the region One road known as VIA DEGLI ABRUZZI from Naples to Popoli where it divided into 2 branches; one along the Aterno river towards L'Aqulia then Umbria and Tuscany and the other along the Pescara Valley to the Adriatic.

Pligrim Sandal carved into the stone entrance to many churches in Abruzzo - representing a symbol of the journey of faith that led to a particular place of worship.

If the Knights Templar did arrive in Abruzzo by ship from The Holy Land where did they land and what made them choose to visit such an inaccessible and unpopulated region?

A church now on the edge of the new cemetery in Turrivalignano

The Maiella Mountains above Manoppello with path leading to the ruins of Pietro di Morrone's Monastry

 In the film I uploaded the hypothesis put forward is the Aquila was built to resemble Jerusalem and that the Basilica of Collemaggio 'hides' in some corner The Treasure of the Temple of King Solomon which was brought to Italy by the Knights Templar.

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