Saturday, 17 January 2015

Best of 2014

Finding this beautiful old church in Turrivalignano with its mysterious carvings was a highlight

My spiritual home amongst the slopes of the Maiella perhaps one day I'll bump into the ghost of San Pietro and exchange greetings!

My lovely gentle Billy who we said goodbye to in 2014 we'll remember you Billy -rip

My mum's stay in March

Some 'weeds' I had to clear from the terrace- Portmerion meets Abruzzo in a very lovely colaboration

As always its a joy to discover so much locally produced food and drink ! Polenta and Rose wine.

Happy Processions - Serramonacesco May

The very tacky side of Naples

And not at all tacky shopping arcade in Naples

One of the few Earth Houses standing in Manoppello about to crumble

No Shelia and Bob this wasn't made just for you !

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