Monday, 23 February 2015

Tourism in Abruzzo and 'Italy Unpacked'

We have been watching 'Italy Unpacked' on BBC  with  Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli  who are 'exploring the culture and cuisine of the east coast of Italy'.

They visit the regions of Le Marche and Umbria -here's a link to the BBC I-player

The programme has sparked off some interesting discussion on the abruzzolutely forum abruzzolutely with some posters being quite annoyed that the pair missed out Abruzzo totally.

Some comments

''It infuriates me, the way Abruzzo is missed out of all these 'round Italy' tours. I have been told that the Abruzzo tourist board - yes really! - are discussing how to increase tourism with their counterparts in Tuscany and Le Marche, but I've heard this before and nothing changes.

We do have wonderful things for people to see, Campo Imperiatore, the Trabocci Coast, many cathedrals and ancient sites. LANCIANO has a huge number of pilgrims visiting from all over the world.''

''It is really strange - I have been writing to TV wildlife presenters, conservation charities and film cameramen suggesting that they should consider making  a programme about Abruzzo, the home of probably the rarest bear in the world - The Marsican bear. Guess what,  I have not received a single reply. So If we want to raise the profile of Abruzzo I guess we should get together and do it ourselves? ''

I think Abruzzo has a long way to go before it can build up a tourist 'industry' that can compete to that of others areas, say Tuscany or Umbria but with increasing demand of get away from it all breaks there is certainly the potential here if only the Tourism Board can realise this.


  1. As someone who loves Abruzzo, I agree it is frustrating. However I guess we have to be stoical. At least it means it remains a secret for us 'enlightened' few. One day it will become a tourist destination akin to Umbria but whether that is in 5 years or 25 years, I don't know. I think that Abruzzo's lack of popularity is to do with it being perceived as primarily a coastal area. The interior is the interesting part far more than the coast, but that isn't known elsewhere.

  2. We love Italy too. I have been fortunate to go several times, and to travel with Italians, which is the best thing ever.
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  3. Silvia Colloca used Abruzzo a lot for her series 'Made in Italy' a couple of years ago