Sunday, 8 March 2015

Camping in Italy France and Switzerland

Not everyone is a fan of Italian campsites: They tend to be organised along the lines of maximum convenience for shopping and eating rather than for the appreciation of nature! Anyone who has ever been to an Italian beach will be familiar with the regimented lines of tables, chairs and umbrellas all close enough to a bar to allow frequent trips for a coffee or beer and campsites are very similar.

It was good therefore to hear of a campsite that has opened fairly close to us in Serramonacesca.The site called Kokopelli is more of a natural camping ground that tends to be popular with British campers and I hope that the couple that run it will be successful. The area was totally lacking in this type of tourist accommodation and its good to see that the campsite also organise hiking trips.

Another very useful online site for campers and those driving from the UK to Italy is which allows you to view a large number of 'garden campsites' often way out in the wilds and very peaceful. Looking at sites along our route through France Switzerland and Italy I came up with 3 sites that were all close enough to our route to be worth trying.

You need to sign up to take part and then you can email an owner to ask them if they have space.Prices are very reasonable compared with large campsites.

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